Eurosatory 2020

12th June

GDELS has four decades of tracked platform leadership, in design, manufacturing, and with Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), even in combat zones: the ASCOD has been involved in all the main national and international tracked armored programs. In artillery, our focus is on the design and manufacture of a wide range of armaments and ammunition such as the towed 155mm 52 caliber howitzer system, SIAC. Meanwhile, in the missile sector, we manufacture a number of components and subsystems and have the capability to perform final integration of full systems. Two examples are the Spike program and the new long-range pan-European METEOR (BVRAAM) missile project.

Our tracked vehicle business designs, develops, and manufactures the world-class ASCOD family of tracked armored vehicles, a versatile and powerful land platform for current and future operational theatres which is currently serving in multiple NATO member militaries. The modular design architecture offers adaptability and scalability, and is remarkably cost-efficient for maintenance. That means the platform can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs and requirements. The ASCOD Family of Vehicles is currently comprised of the Spanish PIZARRO, the Austrian ULAN, and the British AJAX.

🎥 Source/footage AJAX: General Dynamics UK Limited.