Achieving business goals is the aim of any organization. The best way to make this possible is to align resources to meet those goals. The main resource of General Dynamics European Land Systems is our employees.

To build up a good team with clear Human Resources Management systems is critical for any organization. Without good and motivated employees, the best business plans and ideas will not be achieved.

At General Dynamics European Land Systems, this is ensured by:

  • Promoting GDELS’ Vision and Values and ensuring they are applied in Human Resources strategies. Honesty, trust, humanity, alignment and value creation: “In all things, at all times”.
  • Encouraging the highest levels of performance and commitment in every position across the organization.
  • Establishing organizational design principles which ensure the organization is lean, efficient, accountable and focused on General Dynamics European Land Systems’ strategy and goals.
  • Resourcing, recruiting and hiring the best-in-class professionals while developing the existing workforce (right people, right place, right skills) for current and future needs.
  • Ensuring that pay and benefits policies are fair, in line with the market and with business priorities.
  • Making sure that the labor environment meets the highest ethics and security standards and enhances a stable labor environment with employees’ representatives.
  • Ensuring a safe working environment and promoting a Zero Accidents Culture.
  • Promoting widespread trust and understanding of the business via effective communication processes, both internally and externally, making us an employer of choice.

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