The Quad Bike Bridge (QBB) offers enhanced maneuverability for Quad Bikes during missions, providing tactical bridging capability for unprepared gaps of up to 2.5 m.

The QBB can easily be manually launched and retrieved by one soldier in less than 5 minutes and has already proved its performance and reliability in-theater. This very robust bridge consists of two foldable aluminum tracks and can be stored directly on the quad bike itself or on a quad bike trailer. The QBB can be used in all kinds of environment, ranging from hot and dry sandy deserts to arctic snow and icy terrain.

The Super Light Trackway Bridge (SLTB) answers the high demand for self-sufficient gap crossing capabilities for light military and civilian vehicles. Made from aluminum, the SLTB enables crossings to be made of unprepared gaps of up to 2.5 m and has already proven its performance and reliability in theater. This bridge can be manually launched and retrieved easily by two soldiers in less than 5 minutes. The single foldable tracks can be transported directly on the vehicle itself or on a trailer. The SLTB enables light vehicles with no or little gap crossing capability to enhance their maneuverability during missions.

Operational Flexibility
Their lightweight aluminum designs mean both of these bridges can be quickly and manually set up - by one (QBB) or two (SLTB) soldiers -, contributing to the quad’s tactical deployability. The QBB and the SLTB can be transported in the same vehicle or even in a small trailer.

Combat Proven
Both solutions have been tested by Armies and can be operated in all types of environment; from dry to humid, and from desert to snow and ice.

Low Maintenance
As Special Bridges, the QBB and the SLTB offer low maintenance costs, easy long-term storage and can be handled by a small number of soldiers.

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